Our Solar Heat Management Technology Powers the Next Generation of our Advanced Solar Energy Products

Our Solar Heat Management Technology is one of the key factors that sets Soleeva apart from other solar companies, and we incorporate it into all of our products at no extra cost to our clients. Soleeva's patented, (USPTO-9,103,564 B2) and certified, (TUV/UL) Solar Heat Management Technology removes heat from the solar panel, making it available for reuse in other applications, by removing the heat - the solar electric performance increases dramatically. The heat energy is then recovered for use in creating hot air or hot water. This is useful in many applications from creating hot water/air ……{ air is redirected for use in many applications from home heating to industrial use in food processing, cleaning, and manufacturing}. Soleeva Solar Heat Recovery systems will lower energy and many industrial processing costs.

At Soleeva, we are constantly advancing solar technology.

Soleeva's American manufactured solar modules with air-cooled, thermal energy and self-cleaning technology ensure maximum energy production, minimum maintenance, and longer panel life expectancy.


Soleeva's Heat Management Advantage

  • 20% more electrical power; 100% more thermal power.
  • 5-10 years longer lifetime energy production.
  • Proven dependability in harsh desert environments.
  • Reduce your water heating cost by 80%

We deliver 9x more energy per unit area than any other company.” Ralph