Smart Solar Panels To Unlock A Lifetime Of Clean Energy

We design and build smarter renewable energy systems to give you optimal efficiency and savings for years to come.

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You want energy you can count on

Not worry about price hikes and power cuts.
You want to make the  smartest  move for your consumption and costs.
That means having answers to stuff like:

  • Is switching to solar energy really worth it?
  • What’s the right solar panel system for my home or business?
  • Should I invest in a generator and battery system?
  • Can I even afford to make the switch?
  • Will the solar panels be an embarrassing eyesore?

Take control of your consumption and costs

Our 3-step process and patented smart technology show you the true value of switching to solar.
So you can be sure you're making the right decision, for you.

Proprietary Smart

25% more energy production
Self-cleaning and cooling
Only available at Soleeva

Smart Financing

30% tax credit before 2019
100% financing with $0 down
Lower your monthly bills


30-year warranty
24/7 system monitoring
Bundle roofing and HVAC for more savings

Get smart systems for affordable energy

Too many people struggle with unexpected power cuts and expensive monthly bills, but aren’t sure how switching to solar will pay off.

We're here to change all that.

Our 3-step process and patented smart solar technology ensure you step up your savings with clear financing options, custom solutions, and the most efficient panels on the market.

We don't just sell solar panels.

We design and build better renewable energy systems, so you get the efficiency and savings you deserve.

Clients who work with us save even more with our patented self-cleaning and cooling panels, which produce up to 25% more energy without costly maintenance.

Ready to relax knowing you've got your energy consumption and costs under control?

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Smart Solar Made Easy

Home Owners

Love your home, with less stress.

Get long-term energy efficiency and savings you can trust.

Business Owners

End the uncertainty.

Get total control of your energy consumption and costs.

Our Services

Smart Solar Installation

Step up your savings with smart solar installations, custom-designed by our engineers

Continued Performance Monitoring

Relax knowing we’re monitoring your system 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure optimal efficiency.


Our solar engineers can design and install solar systems for any roof.

BYD BackUp Batteries

Forget worrying about blackouts, just one battery can power your entire home.

EV Chargers Installation

Get a clean, cost-effective way to fill up your vehicle at home.

Your Partner for Efficient and Affordable Energy

We believe everyone should be empowered to make smarter energy decisions.
We're here to help you make the right decision for today and beyond.

solar companies in Bay Area

# 1 solar panel designer and installer in the Bay Area
Top 1% of Solar Contractors in California by BuildZoom
10 year track record of innovating efficient and affordable systems

What happy clients are saying

I have my solar from Soleeva for 3 years and up to now it looks new because of the Soleeva Skye, the only self cleaning panel in the market. Because of self cleaning and self cooling tech they put in my panels, production are great! Thanks Soleeva. More power to the future and the company!

Garry Gerardo

Say goodbye to expensive monthly bills



Schedule your free solar consultation with our team.

  • understand the benefits
  • know all your options
  • no obligations


Get your custom plan with clear financing options.

  • on-site evaluation
  • custom solar solutions
  • smart financing guidance


Enjoy reliable energy efficiency and savings.

  • 24/7 performance monitoring
  • self-cleaning & cooling technology
  • 25% more energy production

Stress Less, Save More

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Step Up Your Savings

Making the switch to solar can be intimidating. We make the process easy and cost effective.

Smart Solar Technology

Our patented self-cleaning and cooling technologies maximize energy production and minimize maintenance costs all year long.

Custom Solutions

Forget cookie-cutter quotes. We design and build our solar systems to meet your exact needs. And to ensure optimal efficiency, we monitor them 24/7.

Full-Service Team

Get one partner for everything, from design and installation to financing and permitting. Roofing problem? We’ll fix it. Electrical need updating? Yep, we’ll take care of that too.

Our Technology

Air Cooled Solar

Soleeva’s S1AC module is evolving the way solar panels interact in the environment, by diffusing

Anti-Soiling Solar

Every solar panel in the world eventually develops a thick coating of dust and dirt from atmospheric fallout

solar thermal technology

Solar Thermal

Communities and Businesses all around the world need warm water. However, Solar Thermal Technology does

Heat Management

Solar Heat Management Technology is one of the key factors that sets Soleeva apart from other solar companies

Enjoy a lifetime of affordable energy

Worrying about expensive monthly bills and unexpected power cuts is no fun.
Our patented technology and full-service team make it easy and affordable to switch to solar.
Relax knowing you’ve got your energy consumption and costs under control. For good.

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