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The SOLEEVA products will advance your home or business with 3x the energy output.


The SOLEEVA financial team and our financing partners will work within your budget to find the best financing options.


The SOLEEVA technical team will analyze your house or business for the best energy efficiency plan.

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Soleeva’s innovative solar panels are the most efficient solar panels on the market. Soleeva’s proprietary PV Solar Panel cooling and self cleaning technology delivers the highest Solar Panel output while preventing overheating and promoting the longest PV solar panel life expectancy. Soleeva products deliver up to three times the energy of a standard solar panel by combining this increased electricity with hot water and hot air generation. These low maintenance, self-cleaning easy to install PV solar panels are only available at Soleeva.

Soleeva Energy Efficiency Solutions are holistic yet customizable to fit your specific needs and your budget. Soleeva specializes in solar and thermal power systems with keen focus on home evaluation with advanced solar system installation services including roofing and insulation. Soleeva offers free estimates and financing options for homeowners through our partners. Most homeowners also qualify for rebates offered by their local or state government. See our Finance page to see how you can qualify.

Soleeva takes pride in our technology, products and services. We give honest, free, no obligation consultations to determine if your home or business can benefit from Soleeva Products. If your home doesn’t, we’ll let you know. Ask our customers. As your trusted home energy specialist Soleeva wants to make sure you get the right solutions to accomplish your goals. Whether it’s a more comfortable home, lower energy bills, greener living or all of the above.

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