About Soleeva

Powering our corner of the world

with good energy.


We believe:

Most solutions to energy problems can be found in nature.

Though our world is energy-constrained today, the abundance of nature’s wealth holds the promise of a new future.

Our company should be led by ideas and world-class talent, not by money interests.

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Our Story

Innovation is at our core. The Soleeva story begins with breaking new ground. 

In 2010, an engineer and a manufacturing finance executive ventured together to work on an inspirational idea. What if chemical and mechanical engineering innovation could change the solar industry? 

Together, they founded Soleeva with the goal of developing higher-output, longer-lasting solar panels that would transform the efficiency-cost equation of solar. Today, our team of machinists, mechanical engineers, optimists, and innovators still delivers on that vision.


Soleeva founded.


Recognized and accepted by SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) International Certification for Liquid Cool Heat Exchange Technology.


Granted patent for AirCool™ technology.


Completed certification for AirCool™ technology from United Laboratories (UL).


Introduced Soleeva Skye™ technology.


Launched advanced technology products for residential and commercial markets.


Our Co-Founders

Ahmad Qazi

Passionate about product design and efficiency, Ahmad’s expertise has led Soleeva from concept through technology development, expansion, and financing.

Ahmad has more than 30 years’ experience in finance, business development, and manufacturing. His multi-disciplinary track record of leadership has included operations, global supply chain, engineering, sales and marketing, and product development. Throughout his career, he has cultivated the ability to build high-performance teams with a talent for understanding customer needs. 

Ahmad is committed to delighting Soleeva customers with outstanding service, quality, and sustainable innovation.  

Ralph Ahlgren
CTO and President

Ralph’s extensive technical background includes degrees in analytical chemistry and chemical engineering, and an award-winning career that has earned accolades in technical achievements and innovation. He puts his incredible knowledge to work at Soleeva, filing the company’s core patents and establishing the basis for a large and growing portfolio of continued technical innovation.

Ralph is deeply engaged in developing Soleeva’s core heat-exchange and manufacturing designs, nano-heat exchange materials, optical features, and conducting experimental validation of the integrated product design. 

Ralph’s broad work experience spans product, process, and equipment design and development. He has been involved in the manufacturing of leading-edge products in semiconductors, magnetic storage, optical telecommunications, and biotech equipment.

Jass Aulakh

VP of Strategy & Business Development
Jass Aulakh is a gifted poet and singer who possesses a natural ability to connect with others and forge friendships upon first meetings. His deep understanding of social media, products, and technology adds unique value to our team. Over the past six years at Soleeva, he has successfully expanded our customer base manifold and generated multimillion-dollar revenues. Prior to joining Soleeva, Jass had a stellar career in developing and enhancing communication systems for transportation vehicles at several prominent software companies in the industry.

Advisory Board

Richard Williams
Richard Williams
Advisory Board

Richard K Williams is a renowned multidisciplinary technologist, innovator, serial entrepreneur, prolific inventor, international public speaker, acclaimed author, Renaissance polymath, scholar, philanthropist, musician, and international business executive.

In high technology, Richard’s acumen spans the fields of semiconductor device physics, integrated circuit design, electronics, photonics, power engineering, energy technology, networking & cybersecurity, machine learning & augmented cognition, blockchain & decentralized transactional processing, molecular biology, medtech-biotech, and fintech.

His innovations and disruptive technologies have transformed the world, influencing major business sectors including computing, communication, consumer electronics, automotive, power, energy & conservation, IoT, international finance, crypto-economics, and impact investing

Chris Graham
Chris Graham
Advisory Board

With 40 years as a decorated intellectual property trial attorney and business counselor, Chris brings his wealth of experience to the business side, working with companies in managing their IP portfolios and business development issues. Chris assists in the decision process for business strategies, and provides focus with respect to transactions and disputes of all types and sizes. A well-regarded public speaker and internationally published author of several works of fiction and non-fiction, Chris has extensive operations experience gained from his several law firm management roles and from sitting on the boards of several for-profit and non-profit corporations

Our Promise

Our brand is built on four important principles.



Feature one


Innovation is our heritage and our future. Our story began with the development of proprietary, advanced solar technology that launched Soleeva into the marketplace. Our anti-soiling, self-cooling, and heat management technology are industry bests, and we’re committed to remaining on the leading-edge.



Feature two


Our high-quality products produce more power and last longer than the competition. Over the life of our products, our customers will experience attention to detail and exceptional service that distinguish Soleeva and are reflected in our 95% customer satisfaction rating.



Feature three


Solar customers are making a long-term commitment. Soleeva customers can trust the expertise of our team and our commitment to excellence, which is backed by longest production warranties on the market and stellar five-star reviews on third-party sites.


Authentic Service

Feature three

Authentic Service

We care deeply about our impact on the planet, and our corner of the world. We are always transparent about our policies and pricing. Our authentic commitment is demonstrated through ground-breaking products, trusted service, and purposeful actions.


The Best Solar Energy Company in California

Soleeva customers are happy customers. Our authentic commitment to service and excellence is backed by the longest production warranties on the market and stellar five-star customer reviews.

Soleeva is a very reliable and reputable company that always delivers, as promised. I'd like to thank Ralph, Ahmad, Michele, Harry, Jeff and the rest of the team for making sure everything ran smoothly, as scheduled and they were always responsive to my calls. Thank you to the entire team for all the amazing work you do. Prior to that I had requested bids from several other roofers, and I am very pleased that I selected Soleeva for my home.

Sharmin M.

Soleeva is a solar company that is honest, trustworthy and reliable. Their solar PV system installation is top quality. They make a system that is specific for your home needs and go out of their way to help you understand what to do once the system is on and working. I always felt like I can give them a call at any time and get an answer to any question I might have.

Lydia Hui

Soleeva has helped to lower my energy bills making PGE a little more affordable. The added technology they have is unlike any other and the 30 yr warranty gives me more peace of mind! My good friend Michele Miranda with Soleeva has helped me with the entire process. Check her out, she will definitely help you too!

Judy Lusk

I have my solar from Soleeva for 3 years and up to now it looks new because of the Soleeva Skye, the only self cleaning panel in the market. Because of self cleaning and self cooling tech they put in my panels, production are great! Thanks Soleeva. More power to the future and the company

Garry Gerardo

Just wanted to write a shout out for Soleeva. Michele and Sean were very easy to work with. They provided us more information than other companies to help us understand the technology, how it works, the benefits and different financing options. We also got a great deal with their anti-soiling and air-cooled technologies with 30 years-warranty. They deserve 6 stars because they are ahead of their competition. Highly recommend!!!

Thuan C.