Solar Tech Trends Will Affect Solar Roofs Development

The resurgence of solar power in the previous few years has roused a significant change in the market, even going so far as industry leaders in the Stockton solar market create new solar tech to meet customer demands. One of these new tech that industry leaders like Soleeva Energy are developing is tiles for constructing solar roofs. The technology isn’t new but it has not yet reached its peak and is expected to be a big part in the push toward a new era in solar energy generation.

There is a virtually infinite source of energy right at our doorstep and that energy it is capable of supplying is free. It isn’t just based on price, too. The environment will virtually pay no price for using solar energy since the generation process does not produce any toxic or radioactive byproducts. All you have is clean energy from a free power source.

Solar Prices will Drop.

Thierry Lepercq, Head of Research of the French energy company Engie SA said that the price of solar power could drop to around $10 for every megawatt-hour or lower in some of the world’s sunnier places. This means that the price of solar energy is expected to fall to less than one cent per kilowatt-hour. And, in turn, materials used to build a decent solar power installation will decrease in price even further, allowing the people who can’t afford the system right now to be able to buy one for their own in the near future.

This means that research and development for all kinds of sunlight harvesting materials technology will drop even lower. Solar panels are expected to be more efficient and cheaper than ever. Even if installation costs stay the same, we are looking at a drop of thousands of dollars in the total cost of installing solar technology in your home. More and more people are going to be able to afford the technology, which will prompt more innovations and technological advancements.

Effects on Solar Roofs.

Solar roofs are a relatively new addition to the solar family, along with solar windows, solar blinds and transparent solar materials. However, in terms of residential applications, solar roofs have the greatest potential out of the new tech. First off, the roof is the most important part of a house and should have the correct materials to build properly. That means that solar tiles will get the most attention, now that many solar companies have started building their own solar tiles.

It is quite possible with the current and projected trends that solar tiles are going to be thinner, more durable and more efficient than even the most efficient solar panels, able to get the most out of the available sunlight even with the sun at different angles. And since they look like and are built like conventional roof tiles, they are easier to install than solar panels and consequently will be less expensive to connect to the existing system.

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