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What is the benefit of anti-soiling technology?

Dust and biofilms cause energy loss in solar panels and lower production by blocking sunlight from reaching the solar cells. Soil and algae build up on panels, and over time, harden on the surface. Soiling accumulation over time can significantly reduce the amount of energy produced by solar panels and the effect is additive over time. This is the reason that solar panels require periodic cleaning and maintenance. Soleeva Skye anti-soiling technology does the work for you.

How does your anti-soiling technology work?

Soleeva Skye anti-soiling technology is a glass surface treatment that can be chemically-engineered onto our solar panels. It is a unique, non-toxic, and industry-leading option available only to Soleeva Energy clients. It was developed by us to reduce the energy losses that occur when decreased sunlight reaches photovoltaic cells due to atmospheric soiling of solar panels.

The transparent surface treatment uses sunlight and moisture from the air to attack and break carbon bonds of the organic materials in dirt and convert them into inert gas. This makes greater sunlight available to the solar cells and a higher energy harvest from each solar panel. It also  eliminates the need to get onto the roof to clean the panels 2-3 times a year.

What is the benefit of self-cooling technology?

Solar panels generate more power when they are cool. Continuous high heat reduces solar panel efficiency as it affects the ability of the panel to harness electrons. It also causes solar panels to degrade more quickly. Self-cooling technology keeps power generation high while lengthening the life of the panels.

How does your self cooling technology work?

Soleeva’s patented methodology to keep solar panels cool and more energy productive is found in two products: Soleeva's S-1 air-cooled and S-2 liquid-cooled panels.

Our air-cooled modules are designed to mitigate thermal-induced electrical losses by dissipating solar heat into the air. This lowers the operating temperature and increases the thermal efficiency of the panel.

In similar fashion, our liquid-cooled modules also remove heat, but harvest the heat energy to generate hot water for use in homes and commercial businesses.  Our liquid cooled modules  have the highest energy harvest of any solar module on the market, producing a combined total energy harvest of 1.5 kW per module.

How have you validated the performance of Soleeva’s technology?

Soleeva has conducted continuing operational performance testing at the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) in Pahrump, Nevada. The purpose of this testing is to independently validate the performance of Soleeva’s panels in a controlled area where the panels are subject to a consistent and demanding environment. Real-time, unadjusted performance data is taken at the RETC Pahrump test facility and reported by RETC data servers. This data has confirmed the performance of Soleeva products at very high levels.

What is your maintenance policy?

If your Soleeva solar system needs service, we will take care of it. We won’t push you to a manufacturer to resolve issues. Our customer service team is ready to help when and if you need it.

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