The Global Shift to Clean Energy: Why You Need a Solar Provider

It is not just a fantasy anymore – the whole world transitioning to clean, renewable energy – that Fresno solar energy companies will one day be at the forefront of the solar revolution in California. There is a shift in the direction human energy usage has taken, which will see the dominance of renewable energy sources in the near future.

The planet is getting hotter, literally, and the consensus (or at least what the majority thinks) is that the burning of fossil fuels is the culprit. People have come to see the use of coal, natural gas and petrochemicals as the single greatest cause of climate change and are now trying to move away from using them and going into renewable, especially solar energy.

A report from 2019 established this fact. Here are some of the facts that the report stated. Let’s dive right in.

  1. There is good news from the electricity sector. Solar energy is leading the charge in shifting people’s electricity consumption from electricity generated by fossil fuel-run generators to renewable energy. Now, one third of the world’s capacity for electricity is handled by renewables and solar is at the front of the pack. Renewables are here to stay.
  2. There are other sources of renewable energy out there such as wind, tidal, hydropower, geothermal and bioenergy. However, solar energy growth is at 55% the previous year, with wind power coming in second at 28% and hydropower at 11%. The others will grow into their roles but for right now, solar leads the way.
  3. The biggest reason why solar energy is becoming a global trend is because of China. In the years between 2008 and 2018, China has increased their shares of solar energy generation from less than 1 Gigawatts to more than 150 Gigawatts, making it the biggest solar producer of all time. In fact, China is first at everything in terms of renewable energy sources. Its investments on renewables total around 32% of the entire market. Now that’s commitment for you.
  4. As stated above, renewable energy is responsible for a third of the installed capacity worldwide. However, it only generates around a quarter of the total consumption. Within this, hydropower, as one of the most established renewable energy sources, generates around 16%, wind is at 5.5%, and solar came in third with 2.4%.

This may not be much for now, but there is great hope being put on renewable sources of energy. These are free sources of energy with relatively little effort used in harvesting them. With the technological improvements meant to harness renewable energy starting to catch up, we may see a world where renewables replace nuclear and fossil fuels entirely.

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