Your Solar Questions, Answered.

Have solar questions? We have answers.

Can you install a canopy system or ground mount if my roof is appropriate?

There are many ways to install solar. Roof, carport or canopy are all options for us to provide a solution to your solar needs. These options are all discussed and gone over with the homeowner prior to designing the system.

What is the process for future roof replacement?

Installing a new roof with solar panels already installed will require more work to un-install the solar system and then re-roof and re-install the solar system. If your roof is more than 13 years old or made with thin profile shingles, you would do well to consider replacing your roof before installing solar panels. Luckily, Soleeva also provides roofing services to our customers, so if you need that done, we have you covered.

Who is responsible for fixing any damage to my home if caused during installation?

Soleeva Energy is responsible for correcting any damage we may cause during the time we are at your home. While we constantly strive to make sure our client’s property is protected from damage, mistakes may happen. In the event that Soleeva damages anything, we will correct or replace any broken or damaged item caused by our employees. We cannot, however, repair prior damage or damage caused by others during the time we are not present on your property.  This would be the responsibility of your homeowner’s insurance provider.

Do I need to be home during the entire installation?

Generally, all we require is access to the front and back yards, the electrical panels, and the garage. We respectfully care for your property while we are on the job to make sure safety and craftsmanship govern our work. We have multiple reviews from customers about our installation process and we encourage you to check them out on our website.

Will there be a qualified electrician on site?

A qualified and experienced electrical technician is always on-site when the electrical connection is made to your home’s electrical panel. If circumstances require a special skill set, we will bring in the necessary experience to complete the job to the code requirements.

How long will the installation take?

The actual on-site installation job can take from one to ten days or more, depending on size and local challenges. We try to get in and out as quickly as possible for the comfort of our customers.

How long will it be between the time I sign the contract to installation?

The exact time varies by city and county. We have several steps we follow in order to prepare to install your installation. This includes job backlog, design, permitting, equipment procurement, construction, and inspection, as well as applying for “Permission to Operate” from PG&E.  The more complicated the installation is, the longer the job will take, but we generally like to tell our clients that a reasonable job takes up to 8 weeks to accomplish from signing to completion.

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