Your Solar Questions, Answered.

Have solar questions? We have answers.

What happens if I sell my home?

If you have solar installed on your home, you should expect to see a higher home valuation depending on the age of the solar installation. Generally loans are relatively easy to transfer over to a new owner. Be wary if you are buying a home and there is a lease or PPA agreement in place (which Soleeva does not offer).

How are contract changes addressed? Do I have the right to cancel?
  1. Contract changes are addressed through a change order process which outlines any changes that need to be addressed. Contractors do not have the ability to see into walls or roofs or into hidden areas and we may find problems that must be addressed before proceeding.  This may or may not require a change order.  All change orders must be signed by the owner before we can proceed; and you will always be able to understand the potential cost impact before we proceed.
  2. You always have the right to cancel the contract before we begin work. You are protected by California contract law which gives you the right to cancel and receive your deposit back up to 72 hours after signing any California state contract.
  3. We work with you.
Who do I contact if there is a problem?

Contact Soleeva Energy. An important part of making the switch with Soleeva is our dedication to making sure your switch to solar is as smooth of a ride as possible. As you are placing a power plant in your home or yard, things come up. We strive to make sure if you are in need of a service, we will take care of it. We do not push you to a manufacturer to get any issues resolved.  Our number is (833) 820-8080 and our email is We have a friendly team of customer service representatives who are eager to help you in whichever way they can.

What if a new building is built and shades my system?

Shading by a new building being constructed is a difficult subject. New buildings require plan checks and reviews at the local city or county planning office which should catch any potential problems.  If not, you can request a review if you determine that your solar system would be adversely affected by a neighbor building a large structure that would impede your system to perform as built.

What warranties are there on different parts of the system?

Our panels are warranted for 30 years, and our inverters are warrantied for 10 years with an additional 10 years available to purchase for a nominal fee.

What’s included in soleeva?
Can I add more panels/modules later?

Yes, but understand that it will involve re-designing the system, obtaining a new permit, new equipment, and installation. If you think you will want a bigger system, we recommend doing it upfront where costs will be lower.

What is included in the quote?
What's included in soleeva

Every cost and fee is included in the quotation with the exception of any electrical system upgrades such as main panel replacements. Costs, permitting, installation, parts, labor, warranties are all included.

Will you give me a firm quote or an estimate prior to signing a contract?

Yes to the best of our ability. We strive to give the most transparent pricing to our customers as is possible. When quoting our solar system, that include everything from parts, labor, installation, warranties, and permits. However, we can’t give a firm pricing on some pieces to your project until you go through site survey.

We recommend you keep in mind a few things when getting an estimate from Soleeva.

  1. Your electrical panel. Every client’s electrical system varies significantly, and only during site survey will we know if your electrical system can hold the solar system. Generally your sales representative will have a rough idea to reduce any surprises to you. For example: if you have a 100AMP electrical panel, you can usually  install up to 4.9kW with no hassles. However if you need 6kW and have a 100AMP panel, you may need a solar ready upgrade. This upgrade has a firm price which can be given to you by your sales representative. However, if you want an upgrade from 100AMP to 200AMPs, or more, the cost will vary and can only be determined when the project goes through our engineering phase.
  2. Grounding. Some jurisdictions now require that the last contractor to touch a project complete grounding for your home if it is not done. During site survey, it will be determined if you need grounding. Grounding is at a fixed price, and can be received via your sales representative.
  3. Roofing. The condition of your roof is determine at site survey, and sometimes underlying conditions such as rot are found while installation is in progress. We do our best to identify any cause for concern before the project starts, and work with you to find the best solution.

These are the main points that may arise during site survey for residential systems.

Do you offer a system performance guarantee?

Depending on the type and number of panels, we offer various performance guarantees. When you make the switch to solar, you are paying for the production of energy, not just the panels. We at Soleeva understand that and strive to give our clients the best peace of mind. If we do not deliver on our promise, we will compensate you and fix your system at no additional cost to you.

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