Your Solar Questions, Answered.

Have solar questions? We have answers.

How big is the battery?

The ultimate size will depend on the final configuration. Soleeva offers batteries of 10kWh, 13.6kWh and 15kWh size that can be combined, if desired, for more capacity. Though the different kWh batteries vary in overall shape and thickness, for reference, the Soleeva 15kWh battery stack is approximately 5 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide and 9 in. thick.

What is the life expectancy of my battery?

Batteries are typically warrantied for 10 years or for an amount of kWh movement in and out of the battery; whichever comes first. The amount of lifetime megawatt hours is usually quite high, but there will be a difference in throughput between a battery used solely for an outage backup versus one that is conducting peak load shaving every day.

Can my battery be mounted wherever I choose?

Soleeva batteries are in enclosures that can be mounted inside or outside.  You will want to be relatively close to the inverter doing the DC to AC conversion to minimize installation costs.

What is peak load shaving?

Peak load shaving is an increasingly valuable capability that allows you to more proactively manage your power demand to optimize rates. Most California power customers have been placed on a time-of-use rate plan by utility providers. With peak shaving, you can fill your battery during the day with power from the sun, and use the stored electricity in the evening when electricity is more expensive.

Can I use my battery for both power outage backup and peak load shaving?

Most batteries are capable of both. Be sure to let your solar consultant know if both modes are important to you.

Will my battery support power for my entire home?

Soleeva offers battery solutions that support whole-home backup, and others that support select critical needs. We’d love to discuss what’s important to you and propose options that reflect your life and home.

How long will my battery last in the event of a power outage?

Your solar battery can provide backup power support for hours or days, depending on the configuration. How long the power lasts is influenced by the kilowatt load of what’s drawing power from it. For example, heavy appliances such as an HVAC system will drain a battery faster than lighting. 

Based on your critical load, your solar consultant can recommend which battery solution will fit your needs. 

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