Kings Academy Solar Project

Kings Academy Solar Project

Kings Academy is a private high school, located in Sunnyvale, CA. This particular project truly represents Soleeva’s mission of creating dependable technology that truly changes lives and communities for the better,

Our Kings Academy project expands over 35,000 sq feet project, with 655 KW inverter, and 1674 solar panels and 544 kwstc mounted pv system, in partnership with Silver Creek, we have designed the system to dramatically reduce the school’s energy bills and make their air cleaner and safer; the projects environmental advantages are agreeably sizeable, SOx and NOx cleaned from the atmosphere, compensating for the exhaust of about 3500 cars on a daily basis.

Our hope is to eventually allow the school to eliminate their energy bill, and consequently increase their budget for other improvements. Our Kings Academy has been a good opportunity to show the community just how versatile and dependable solar energy can be; solar panels can support the energy needs and requirements for both large and small scale business and homes.

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