COVID-19 and the Environment

Your alarm buzzes for 7:30 AM rather than your usual 7:00 AM, since there is no commute time to consider. You gear up, get your coffee, plug in your laptop, turn on the lights in your beautiful home, and put on some music in the background to help you concentrate. You are officially in self-quarantine, and you’ve got your essential supplies ready to go.  After a few hours of work, you become restless. You might be sitting at home twiddling your thumbs during your lunch break or taking a lonely walk in your local park in hopes of a sliver of social interaction.  Somehow that distant nod from a passerby is so much more appreciated.

COVID-19 has had a grim global impact on us all. Social distancing is taking a toll on our psyche. The stock market has plunged, and companies are sending their employees home, many with decreased pay or no pay at all.

Our livelihood has been impacted severely. The novel coronavirus has affected our school systems, and our youth must sacrifice the benefits of school resources and one-on-one teaching.

Although all of us are taking on our own share of the burden, it’s not all grey clouds and dim lights.

Environmental Impact

On the sunny side of things, our collective sacrifice has relieved the pressure on our healthcare workers, protected our immunosuppressed loved ones, is curbing the exponential increase of those infected by COVID-19, and has drastically decreased pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. (NBC News)

Air pollution has been known to worsen COVID-19 symptoms. The reduction in greenhouse gases is helping those infected by the coronavirus, as well as helping the environment.

Recent studies confirm that locations where air pollution is severe are where the coronavirus have been most lethal.  Places like China, Iran, and Italy see dense populations and heavy pollution where poor air quality can debilitate the lung’s ability to function normally.

“Carbon dioxide is tied to industrial activity, electricity production and transportation, so anything that affects those sectors will impact greenhouse gases…” (NBC)

Italy and China have quickly seen the environmental effects of social distancing. Water in Venice’s canals run clearer in the absence of boat traffic and NASA images show China pollution to dramatically clear. (NASA)

“CO2 emissions fell by a quarter, or an estimated 200 million tons…” (NYPost)

The pandemic could make people, companies, and governments realize that other threats to humanity, including climate change, could be just as devastating, and that it’s imperative to develop protective measures to invest in a brighter future.

We’re all doing our part in contributing to the greater good of society. With your help, Soleeva Energy Inc. will do its part in keeping the economy strong by investing in the future of our planet.

The Soleeva Solar Executive Team has made the decision to give 25% off all solar panel systems in order to encourage investment in sustainable energy, encourage a greater reduction in greenhouse gasses, and to assist those who have been affected by this pandemic.

Going solar reduces CO2 emissions and unlike any other panel, our patented self-cleaning panel technology removes additional pollution from the air.

We want to make sure you do not miss out on the opportunity to impact the world in a way that will benefit the environment in the long run for yourself and your loved ones. Soleeva understands that the current health situation will be hard for many. We understand that economic times are currently a struggle for all of us, and we understand that your energy bill will only increase as you continue to work from home.

We are in this struggle together, and we find it imperative to do our part in helping you save money and positively impact the environment.

Soleeva’s Efforts

Soleeva Energy, Inc. has also dedicated its efforts in making responsible decisions for the benefit of society as whole.

Here are the steps Soleeva is taking to contribute to curbing this pandemic and supporting the economy.

  1. Giving a 25% discount on all solar panel systems in order to ease solar buys, allow individuals to take advantage of the 2022 30% tax credit, and to facilitate the reduction in our carbon footprint.
  2. Providing FREE phone or video consultations for the safety of our customers.
  3. Ensuring all employees are healthy and working from home to reduce risk.
  4. Sanitizing all offices, encouraging social distancing, and sending educational information on preventing COVID-19 as recommended by the World Health Organization.
  5. Suspending all business travel until we defeat this pandemic.

Setting the Foundation for a Brighter Future

Our Top Priority

Our top priority is the health and safety of all, and we are taking a leap forward in supporting our customers in the best way we can.

Let us stand together during these hard times and put our efforts towards a flourishing future. Let’s set the foundation for a brighter future together.

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