Why Your Business Should Switch to Solar

California might be going all solar. Not just the residential part of California, but also the commercial part! It is a green state. California’s Energy Commission panel has voted to require the inclusion of solar and battery energy storage on new commercial buildings, as well as high-rise residential constructions. The panel of five voted unanimously on the mandate.

This mandate will be revised in December and if it all goes well, the plan will go into effect on the first day of 2023.  

Now as California takes leadership on the policy rollout, many of our favorite companies have already leapt to going solar.  

8 Large Corporations that Have Already Made the Switch to Solar

Just to give an idea, corporations such as

  1. Apple (currently globally powered by 100% renewable energy) 393 MW of Solar Installed
  2. Kohl’s 51.5 MW of Solar Installed
  3. Costco Wholesale 50.8 MW of Solar Installed
  4. IKEA 44.9 MW of Solar Installed
  5. Macy’s 38.9 MW of Solar Installed
  6. Amazon.com 33.6 MW of Solar Installed
  7. Kaiser 44 MW of Solar Installed
  8. General Growth 50.2 MW of Solar Installed
commercial building solar

Benefits of commercial solar installations have presented themselves in clear.  

A business going solar means reduced energy expenses in the short run, and down the road, helping the environment on a larger scale, and incentives such as tax credit and depreciation benefits just to name a few.  

Going solar can reduce the system price by as much as 60 percent. This is not going to be the case forever. Government incentives will run out, and solar prices will go up.  

The commercial buildings covered by the plan include offices, hotels, medical buildings, clinics, restaurants, schools, theaters, grocery stores, retail, auditoriums, and more.  

This provision would build on the existing California legislation that requires new single-family homes and multifamily dwellings up to three stories high to include solar power.

Homes and buildings make up 70 percent of California’s electricity use and about a fourth of its greenhouse gas emissions, said the commission. Over 30 years, the commission said it estimates the emissions abated would equal taking 2.2 million cars off the road.

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