Why Is Solar Becoming Expensive?

Thinking of going solar? Then you have to act now! Huge benefits of going solar will be disappearing very soon – the solar Investment Tax Credit is still at a rate of 30% in 2022, however, it will start declining in 2023 and eventually end for residential solar installations in 2024.

For individuals who are eligible for the ITC, purchasing a solar system this year may still be viable despite the possibility of increasing project prices.

Higher demand for solar is being driven in part by rising environmental concerns, rising energy cost worries, and the ITC incentives.

The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit and falling home solar panel prices over the past ten years, among other things, have contributed to the increase in interest in solar energy.

Falling hardware prices, particularly those of solar panel components, which fell by 85% between 2010 and 2020, are largely to blame for this development.

Despite rising solar component costs, the solar Investment Tax Credit is only offered at a 30 percent rate through 2022.

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