The Time Is Now California, Let’s Go Solar!

Yes, you can! Solar technology has made significant advancements over the last decade, and it has never been more accessible to homeowners and businesses in America. Companies in California, such as Soleeva are championing this expansion with superior technology, timely solar installations, and flexible solar financing options and that makes acquiring a solar PV system more affordable regardless of your credit score or financial history. Owning your own solar energy system is a dream that is more attainable now than it has ever been before, here are three key reasons why now is the best time to switch to solar energy;


The state of California has developed significant incentives to help home and business owners adopt clean, renewable energy generators such as solar power. The most significant incentive is the Advanced Energy Project Tax Credit; it allows those who have tax liabilities to claim a 30% federal tax credit on their 2019 federal tax return if they install their solar power generating system before the end of this year, 2019. You will save 30% of your solar installation costs, so if you paid $10,000 you would be saving $3,000 with the help of the federal government! Please speak to a tax professional to verify how you can best take advantage of this opportunity to reduce your tax liability while generating your own clean, renewable energy.


PACE- Property Assessed Clean Energy is an awesome opportunity to finance your “energy improvements” by the end of this year, with $0 down, and with no payments until the end of November 2020, next year!!! “PACE programs allow a property owner to finance the upfront cost of energy or other eligible improvements (such as installing an energy efficient roof) on a property and then pay the costs back over time through a voluntary assessment.” The program, unlike other financing options, allows the loan to be attached to the private property rather than the individual taking out the loan, making it easier to transfer it to a new owner if the initial owner were to sell their property. They have flexible repayment plans and also give the property owner up to 18 months rest period before starting their payments. PACE programs can be used to fund both commercial and residential properties without the burden of large cash payments, giving home and business owners the flexibility to go solar without increasing the burden of a persona


Soleeva’s solar energy innovations are making renewable energy affordable for everyone. We have developed ground-breaking Anti-Soiling, Air-Cooled, and Solar Thermal Technologythat guarantees optimum energy output and high efficiency for both commercial and residential establishment; our solar panels produce 15-25% more energy output and are durable, dependably built to last for decades. The future of solar technology is now, and we want to empower our clients and their communities with renewable, cost-effective solar energy that is truly exceptional.

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