Four Ways To Solar - Step Into Your Savings.

California is one of the states leading the nation into a green energy evolution that our planet desperately needs and with its new solar roof mandate taking effect in January 2020, the time to go solar is now. Home and business owners have six more months to take advantage of the 30% Tax Credit and claim the full benefit when you install before the end of this year 2019. There are over 800 000 homes and businesses that had installed solar panels on their roof by 2017, and the number has grown since. Secure your 30% Tax benefit and solar installation this summer in five easy steps;

  1. Call Us: Our Soleeva team hosts weekly events at fairs, local farmer’s markets and stores, to give everyday Californians to speak with solar consultants without the need to set up an appointment. Our staff is friendly, and most importantly, knowledgeable about Soleeva’s products and installation process, so we can answer your questions and set up a quick appointment to get you started on owning your own solar energy system. Like us on Facebook to find out about our weekly events, and promotions.
  2. Visit Us Online: We have a fully functional site that allows you to learn about our current products; Air Cooling, Air Cleaning and Solar Thermal panels and contact us directly, either through our phone tool, chat, or email contact section. Our website is a good place to learn and communicate with us as you come to a decision about which solar solution is best for you and your project.
  3. Have Coffee With Us: We have a team of solar enthusiasts who are passionate about helping American families like yours switch to reliable, safe energy sources like solar energy because we truly believe that energy can be for everyone. You can choose to have coffee or tea with us or set up an at-home visit that will give you the opportunity to learn more about solar energy, the new technology and how to finance your solar installation and start saving money.
  4. Finance Your Way: Soleeva has helped each customer explore the several trusted solar financing options that accommodate their individual needs and continue to do so. After approving your solar roof design, you can then enroll in a flexible payment plan, there is an option for you. PACE, for example, is a $0 down option that allows families to have up to 13 months of a grace period before they start making payments. This would be in addition to the savings you’d already be making by cutting your dependency on your current energy provider.

As California makes groundbreaking pushes towards sustainable green energy, Soleeva has grown even more committed to making sure that everyday American families are not left behind, by providing them both access to our technology and educating them about different financing options. We are going out into communities and making our teams more accessible either through phone, email or at events. We can meet you where you are, solar energy is attainable, let us help you achieve that goal and save you money.

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