Coronavirus Slows Climate Change Progress

In 2019, it appeared we were finally making progress in addressing climate change on a global scale. The Paris Climate agreement had been in effect since 2016 and had imposed strict rules on nations to curb emissions and transition towards more renewable energies. There was a new demand for renewable energy solutions and there were many groups taking advantage. Progress was being made, and “In 2017 alone, China invested over $125 billion in renewable technologies and held nearly a third of the renewable energy patents worldwide. As of 2017, electric cars and plug-in hybrids accounted for half of all new cars sold in Norway, and Costa Rica has committed to reaching net-zero emissions by mid-century.” ( In 2018 alone, demand for electric vehicles shot up by 81 percent. The situation was similar in both developed and developing countries, where current renewable energy businesses grew, and new businesses were created to supply the growing demand. The growth of renewable energy industries is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to innovate and capture huge portions of this growing market. China was one of the world leaders in this area, owning a third of all global renewable energy patents. Many Americans, including President Obama while he was in office, thought that America should be the global leader in new renewable technologies. Funding was allocated and America entered into the Paris Climate Agreement. Things were looking up and a growing renewable energy industry was being created. However, when President Trump and his administration was elected to the White House, that all changed.

On June 1, 2017 Trump announced that the US was going to be leaving the Paris Climate Agreement, one of the only countries in the world to do so. “The Administration claims that leaving the agreement will increase US competitiveness and create jobs. Instead, withdrawing means missing out on economic opportunities that come with transitioning to a clean energy economy, and it also means ceding a leadership role to other nations.” As a response, many people have decided to take the matter into their own hands. Many US states like New Mexico, Nevada, Maine, California, Colorado and New York are “making bold commitments to cut emissions and build a clean energy future. Over 3,800 mayors, county executives, governors and other leaders have to date indicated that they are committed to climate action.” ( It appeared that Americans had to take matters into their own hands if they wanted to take care of the environment. This was the current state of the environment prior to COVID-19, but after the Novel Coronavirus took hold of the world, environmental efforts quickly began to take a backseat to other issues.

Perhaps understandably, our global concerns of climate change were quickly shadowed by the pain and suffering caused by COVID-19. As the world races to take care of the sick and find a cure, the concerns of climate change seemed so distant, “causing most states to fail to meet their climate change goals this year. However, when countries begin to come out of their shelter in place policies, pollution will continue to rise, and all of our previous concerns will exist. However, right now almost everyone is stuck in a tough situation. Many have lost their jobs, contracted COVID-19 or, at the very least, had to deal with months of confinement and an incredibly stressful situation. That is why we at Soleeva Energy are now offering an exclusive sale on our Self-Cleaning model. Now, at the lowest price we have ever offered, you can become energy independent and begin producing your own clean energy. Join us in becoming part of the climate change solution, not the problem. If you are interested in getting your free estimate from one of our solar experts today, please visit our website at or give us a call at (833) 820-8080.


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