Roofing Services

Re-Power Your Roof with Quality Roofing Services

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Custom Roofing Solutions

We offer roofing services in conjunction with, or separately, from solar installations. We can replace or reinforce aged roofs, making them more resilient to weather and better able to protect your home.

Dedicated In-House Professionals

Our dedicated and experienced team is composed of in-house professionals that have worked on commercial and residential projects for more than a decade. We generally do not use subcontractors, except in the rare case where additional expertise is required.

Roofing Services + Solar

If you need roofing services at the time of a solar installation, our experienced team will save you time and money, eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple contractors and pay separate costs. We understand the complexities of how your roof will best support your solar system and will help you get the most from it.

Purchase Options

Finance Services from Soleeva in the Way That’s Right for You

Choose the option that’s right for you.

Cash Purchase

Enjoy up-front savings.

Credit-Based Financing

Loans are based on your credit history with rates tailored to your credit/FICO score. Low fixed rates up to 3.99%. Payments begin 30-60 days after installation.

Non-Credit-Based Financing

Loans are based on home equity with no FICO score required. Payments are tied to property tax bills, and may not begin for up to 18 months after installation.

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