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How much does a Solar System Cost?

While the quality and design of solar has dramatically increased over the past three decades, it has become significantly more affordable, and it is now more attainable than ever before. The total annual energy usage your property will need, determines the size of your solar system, and the cost. Here's how to reduce your electric bills, and own your own solar system for as little as $0 down...

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Going Solar Made Easy

Customize your solar financing. Soleeva customizes your financing to meet your specific needs and project demands. Here is our 7-step guide to financing and owning your very own Soleeva solar system.

Which Solar Option is Right for You?

There are different institutions which offer solar loans, from traditional banks to solar panel manufacturers. Soleeva has an option for every home and budget. We help you and evaluate your solar option…

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Soleeva Energy has partnered with the top trusted Lenders in solar energy financing to give you a customizable financial solution for your solar system.