Why Is It Important to Clean Your Solar Panels?

The key to the longevity of any equipment is proper operation and maintenance. The solar panels are not the exception. For solar panels to work properly, they need to be cleaned since the dirt that gathers on the panels is blocking the light and therefore reduces the electrical output by 17 to 25%.

It might seem that panels do not need to be cleaned because of the rain that washes away certain substances, however too much water on the panels may result in growth of lichen and algae, which increases the shadow around the panels, and which in its turn affects proper work of the solar panels.

Growth of lichen and algae occurs for several reasons:

The first reason is humid conditions and constant rain.

The second reason might be bird feces since it contains nitrogen which increases the growth of lichen.

The third reason is the trees that might support lichen growth. Though in the initial stages it might be difficult to notice a trace of the lichen growth, since it spreads on the panels quite slowly.

However, once it takes over the whole panel it might be quite a quite costly problem to get rid of it. In addition, the more coverage of the microorganisms increases, there is a higher chance that the rooftop will get damaged as well and overall, your rooftop might become awful looking.

To deal with the growth of the lichen and algae you can use several methods of cleaning:

Combination of pure water and dishwashing liquid. However hard water can damage your solar panels.

Combination of water and vinegar, helps to kill substances to the last spore but requires careful and proper usage of vinegar and water proportions.

Pharmaceutical IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), also known as rubbing alcohol, will not only help to get rid of lichen but also will disinfect the panels.

Once you choose one of the panel cleaning methods, we would recommend that you wear safety equipment when going on a roof, ensure that your solar panels are switched off, work your way around the entire surface of your solar panels, do not damage your panels during the procedures and primarily do not hurt yourself. There is also an option of hiring a professional solar cleaner for an additional fee and they will do the job for you.

solar cleaning
solar cleaning

Sounds like it is too much work to maintain your solar panels and their efficiency and longevity? What if we told you that you can avoid cleaning your panels at all? With Soleeva’s advanced Self-Cleaning Technology, you can forget about needing to clean your solar panels a few times a year or spending extra money on hiring a solar panel cleaning professional. Our Self-Cleaning solar panels come with patented anti-soiling non-toxic topcoat which removes growth of lichen, algae, dirt, and mud that works with rain and moisture in the atmosphere. Compared to other panels on the market our panels require no cleaning and produce 25% more energy.

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