Soleeva’s Solar Thermal Technology Creates Unlimited Possibilities To Grow Business

Communities and Businesses all around the world need warm water, however, Solar Thermal Energy does more than that, our systems cool and heat homes, can be used to create warm water, cooking food, create electricity and ultimately allow a business or home to function more efficiently on sustainable, clean energy . Our systems come equipped with anti-soiling and self-cooling capabilities which makes ours the most powerful on the market to date.

Soleeva's Solar Thermal Solar Panels Increase Your Energy Production at a Lower Cost

Our solar thermal system ensures that heat energy in sunlight does not go to waste. Soleeva's solar thermal (also referred to as a liquid cooled solar panel), captures this heat and removes it for reuse while improving the electrical performance of the panel. Heat is transferred from each panel through a closed-loop thermal system that moves the captured heat to your water heater. This system works year round, without risk of damage due to freezing, providing you with a near unlimited amount of hot water-using a safe propylene glycol heat exchanger. (Zero pollution and the source is just the panel).

How can Soleeva’s PV Thermal Panels help your home or business?

  • Creates two sources of energy – Electrical and Thermal
  • Each panel captures full solar energy
  • 4-5 times the energy output of a standard solar panel
  • 1800 watts total (300W electric, plus 1500W thermal)
  • Increases electrical output up to 30%


We offer dependable products at greater savings over time