Soleeva is committed to making powerful, innovative solar technology affordable for everyone. We have developed powerful solar technology that guarantees optimum energy output and high efficiency for both commercial and residential projects. The future of solar technology is now, and we want to empower our clients and their communities with renewable, cost-effective solar energy that is truly exceptional. 

Soleeva’s efforts to power communities with the sun speaks for itself, and the Bay Area has started to listen; our unique Air-Cooling, Anti-Soiling, and Solar Thermal technology are helping thousands of  Californians run their homes and businesses more efficiently and saving them money each day; our products are providing families with cost-effective renewable energy solutions and are visibly superior to alternatives on the market. The Soleeva difference is our innovative technology, groundbreaking design, and committed team of engineers,  installers, and proactive customer care representatives. Soleeva Energy Inc has diverse team and visionary approach to solar technology which separates us from other solar companies in the world. We design all of our products in house, guaranteeing high-quality design and superior technology, that is dependable and efficient.

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Families in the Bay Area are starting to go solar, why not do it with Soleeva. We are expanding solar innovation, and optimizing the panel efficiency with our proprietary technology. Soleeva solar panels come with a 30-year warranty along with a 30% Tax Credit offered to eligible taxpayers, making it the most cost-effective time to go solar.

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Start your solar installation process today, to power your home or business in a cost-effective and sustainable way; gain your freedom from grid interruptions, rate hikes, and take control of how you generate, store and manage your energy. Installing solar on your residential or commercial property allows you more freedom and saves you money for the things that truly matter.

Your decision to go solar will greatly benefit your community; Soleeva solar panels power your home and business using pure, clean energy from the sun, and reduce your dependence on traditional energy companies that power their energy using fossil fuels and natural gasses. Our solar panels help you combat greenhouse gasses by removing key harmful pollutants in the atmosphere such as sulfur and nitrogen dioxide, helping make your air cleaner and safer.

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Benefits of Going Solar with Soleeva

  • Cut your electric bills to $0 and put money back into your pockets.
  • Guaranteed innovative, and affordable solar technology made accessible to everyone.
  • Soleeva’s Air-Cooling and Anti-Soiling Technology gives you longer lasting solar panels and the highest productivity on the market.
  • Become eligible for a 30% Tax Credit, at little to no upfront cost.
  • Our solar panels significantly increase the resale value of your home in California.
  • Receive a commercial/residential solar solution that is specially designed to meet and exceed your energy requirements.
  • Our panels clean the air around them, making it safer for you and your family.