Highly Dirt Repellent Solar Panels for Optimum Energy Production

Every solar panel in the world eventually develops a thick coating of dust and dirt from atmospheric fallout, and contaminated solar panels require expensive regular cleaning to maintain peak performance and high energy output. Dirt and pollution blocks sun light from reaching the panel and reduces its electrical power production by up to 20%. Soleeva’s unique Anti-Soiling technology uses nano-technology that combines both sunlight and moisture to destroy dust and dirt build up before they settle on your solar panel.

Soleeva PV panels are all equipped with our patented anti-soiling technology, this gives us and our clients a huge advantage: by keeping the surface of our solar panels cleaner than other panels, our products are able to sustain their production over decades while other panels see huge decreases in just 10-15 years. We guarantee the highest output percentage over time to give you the highest return and value for your investment.

Anti-Soiling Technology for Guaranteed Energy Production

Soleeva solar products are designed with our unique anti-soiling technology, which keeps the panel surface cleaner than other solar panels. This ground breaking development is both dirt repellant and water resistant, allowing Soleeva panels to generate the highest energy output while eliminating the costs in upkeeping the PV system, (solar panel).

Each solar panel we design maintains it transparency and allows sunlight to be transmitted more efficiently to optimize the PV efficiency, causing it to maintain it optimum productions over the lifetime of the panel. Our anti-soiling solar panels deliver more than 57,000 kWh of additional lifetime energy and our customers over $25,000.00! Soleeva’s durable, nano-structured, anti-soiling solar modules are designed to give you the customer the highest energy output unlike current solar alternatives.

Soleeva solar power systems are guaranteed to improve your home and business; they are a cost-effective way to generate electricity to power your home without the hassle and costs of maintaining your panels. Eliminate your dependence on utility companies, and free yourself from fluctuating bills, black out rotations, and annual percentage increases.

Technology That Loves The Planet

Soleeva is run by leading innovators who love this planet, and have headed technological developments in principal tech companies around the world. Their passion to create a smarter way to power and empower everyday Americans is what lead them to develop this technology. Soleeva’s anti-soiling technology cleans the air around it while producing electricity.

We have developed solar technology that loves the planet, keeps your panels clean and produce the highest energy for your home. Our anti-soiling technology removes harmful NOx and Sox from the atmosphere, cleaning up the greenhouse gases from the air as effectively as two fully grown trees.

Our patented anti-soiling technology is a far advanced and effective way to generate electricity and power the future; it is durable, efficient, self-cleaning and helps the environment.

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