Soleeva is passionate about making renewable energy more affordable and accessible; thus creating exceptional technology that truly empowers our customers is our first and foremost step to achieving that goal.

We have residential rooftop solar, storage, and proprietary technology which gives the customer more energy thereby helping them to reduce pollution and clean the sulfur and nitrogen dioxide (which are the main contributors to global warming), in the atmosphere. Our technology and service speak for itself, and therefore, the Bay Area has started to listen; we have superior solar panels that are Anti-SoilingSelf-Cooling and Thermal Solar energy. Furthermore, with a committed team of engineers, installers and customer care providers, Soleeva walks you through your journey to creating and owning your energy source.

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Californian families are starting to go solar, why not do it with Soleeva. Our team is involved in every process of production, which ensures that our customers are receiving products that are dependable and reliable. We are happy knowing that we are providing you with the absolute best, and currently, we offer the most versatile, and dependable technology for solar energy on the market, and continue to lead in innovation

We understand that for many, solar energy may seem new and daunting, this is why we prioritize communication with our customers and potential clients. Our world-class care team is there from the very first consultation to monitoring the system, after installation. At Soleeva, we are truly passionate about educating people about solar energy, making it accessible for every homeowner, and giving them the freedom to own it. Contact us today, to start your journey.

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Switching to solar energy will allow you to power your home or business with more efficiency; gain your freedom from grid interruptions, rate hikes, and take control of how you generate, store and manage your energy. Going solar gives you more freedom and deeper savings for the things that truly matter.

Your decision to go solar can greatly benefit your community; Soleeva solar panels power your home and business using pure, clean energy from the sun, and reduce your dependence on traditional energy companies which power their energy using fossil fuels and natural gasses. Our panels help you combat greenhouse gasses by removing key harmful pollutants in the atmosphere such as sulfur and nitrogen dioxide, helping make your air cleaner and safer.

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Our Guarantees

  • Soleeva Anti-Soil & Air-Cooled Technology for better energy output.
  • The only company that offers a 30-year warranty.
  • Likewise, Get 30% Tax Credit, no little to no upfront cost to you.
  • Further more, get Residential and Commercial Solar design.
  • Above all, get monitoring and service.