Solar Consultation

As an independently owned company, our customers are our first priority, not shareholders. Therefore, we work hard to provide our customers with extraordinary products and outstanding customer service. During our solar installation process, we put money back into their pockets. Thus, Soleeva gives more and saves more for the things that matter to you.

Also, we are not just installers. We design, build and install complete solar energy systems. Specifically, our solar services team is fully equipped to help you through complete process of solar installation. We customize your system design, tailor your financing to your budget, guide you through your solar enrollment, engineering, permitting, installation of your solar panels, and activation. In this way, we ensure that you get  seamless transition to a cleaner, more affordable, and dependable solar system.

solar installation

Solar Installation

Solar installation comes in after planning, designing, and permitting. With Soleeva’s professional installation team, you will not need to worry about anything! Our solar installation team will know every wire, nut, bolt and connection about your system. Rest assured that Soleeva has maintained full control throughout the entire process. Along with our solar installation team, the designer of your solar modules will supervise the project and make any necessary adjustments on site. Needless to say that your satisfaction is important to us.


For many homeowners, their roof is just another piece in the architecture. However, your roof can do more than just protect the insides of your home from bad weather. Now, you can use it to power your home by adding solar panels. Solar installation by Soleeva comes with special care and protection for your roof structure; from outside and inside. So you get long term protection and energy efficiency. This is currently unmatched by any other company.

solar services


The Installation was fast and easy. Financing was great and easy to do (CalFirst) Great service by Jeff.

Lorena AmbrocioHayward

My bills went from $180/mo to nothing! I appreciate the monitoring of my production too. Used CalFirst for financing. Very good, fast, explained everything well.

Cipriano GomezHayward

Salesman was fantastic, appreciated work he did. Impressed with presentation of company coming out.

Doug BodilySan Jose