Liquid Cooled Solar Panels Increases Your Energy Production at a Lower Cost

Our solar thermal system ensures that heat trapped in your panels does not go to waste. The Liquid Cooled Solar Panel provides optimized PV Electrical output to heat your water or pool without adding extra solar panels. Soleeva Liquid Cool is a closed-loop thermal system that transfers heat from your panel to your water heater using a safe propylene glycol heat exchanger. This system works year round without danger of damage due to freezing.

The liquid cool technology, S2 – LC, is revolutionizing solar energy products.

 Why use Liquid Cooled Solar Panels?

  • Creates two sources of energy – Electrical and Thermal with 5 to 6 times the energy output of a standard solar panel
  • 1800 watts total (300W electricity + 1500W thermal)
  • Increases electrical output up to 30%
  • Can cut up to 80% of water heating costs

Liquid Cool Solar Panel


Model: SES-S1AC-3306

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Mono-Crystalline Silicone

Amount of Cells: 72

Dimensions: 1956 x 992 x 40 mm

Weight: 45 kg

Warranty: 25 years


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