Solar Heat Recovery

Soleeva’s Solar Heat Recovery is the Next Generation of Advanced Solar Energy Products

Here is how it works

Our Solar Heat Recovery technology recovers heat from the solar panel as hot air. This air is redirected for use in many applications from home heating to industrial use in food processing, cleaning, and manufacturing. Soleeva’s Solar Heat Recovery systems, will  lower energy costs and many industrial processing costs.

Soleeva is constantly pushing our Technology forward

What you need to know!

Our USA manufactured solar modules with air cooledliquid cool and self-cleaning technology ensure maximum energy production, minimum maintenance and longer panel life expectancy.

Soleeva cooling technology assures that our panels consistently deliver more power than our competitors.

Soleeva cooling technology assures less heat degradation for longer lifetime production up to 5 to 10 years longer than any other panel.

Soleeva Solar panels have been tested in operation for years in the extreme temperatures of South Africa and Las Vegas. 

Data and performance show that unlike other panels, Soleeva S1, S2 and S3 panels consistently show outstanding maximum performance results even under these extreme climates.

Why is it important for our customers?

Our goal is to give you custom made, optimal solar and roofing solutions at the best possible price. Since we understand your needs, structure and budget in thorough detail, we can efficiently install your system without increasing our crew to insulate your house.


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