Air Cooled Solar Panels

S1 – AC is evolving the way solar panels interact with home and business environments. The New Air Cool product lowers the temperature of the PV solar panels to create the longest lasting Solar Panels and higher energy output on the market. Expect up to 5 more years of productivity out of these panels.

Here is how it works

The sun generates light and heat. Heat is the enemy of electrical current. As the heat in a panel rises the electrical output drops proportionately. At peak energy production standard solar panels lose between 15 to 25% of their production capacity. Soleeva air cooled solar panels keeps operating at the ambient temperature to assure maximum solar panel electrical output.

Air Cooled Solar Panels Are Revolutionizing Solar Efficiency Standards

At Soleeva, we research and test all major solar panels. We then partner with the best PV panel manufacturers in the world to add our enhancement technology for greater output efficiency and life expectancy. The PV panels we work with are the highest quality . Our five main suppliers are Panasonic, LG, Canadian, Jinko, and Q-cell. These different PV panels work seamlessly in our product line. Each one of our solar power systems will enhance your home or business energy needs by capturing electricity and thermal energy in the form of hot water and heated air. The Soleeva Technical Team is constantly researching and  developing the most advanced equipment and technology to continuously evolve solar panels  to capture the most energy from the sun.

Anti-Soil Solar Panel


Model: SES-S1AC-3306
OEM: Crystalline Silicone
Number of Cells: 72
Dimensions: 1956 x 992 x 40 mm
Weight: 45 kg
Warranty: 25 years

Soleeva’s Air Cooled Solar Panels have a  construction that improves the strength, stability and rigidity of the panel which helps protect against environmental dangers such as wind, hail, animals and falling objects.


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