S1 Technology Ensures Maximum Energy Production

Soleeva’s S1 Anti-Soil Technology assures your panels will remain clean and highly productive.
Every solar panel available in the market will develop a thick coating of dust and dirt  that requires regular cleaning. This dirt blocks the sun’s rays from reaching the panel and will reduce the electricity production up to 15%. Our proprietary solar panel anti-soil coating utilizes nano-technology materials to react with sunlight and moisture in the air to destroy dust and dirt. This keeps your panels clean for up to 5-7 years and removes harmful pollutants namely carbon dioxide and nitric oxide equivalent to planting two large trees.

S1 Solar Panel


Model: SES-S1AC-3306

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Mono-Crystalline Silicone

Amount of Cells: 72

Dimensions: 1956 x 992 x 40 mm

Weight: 45 kg

Warranty: 25 years

The S1 SOLEEVA Solar Panel utilizes any of the five PV Panel Manufacturers…….This info is a general description of how the product works. S1 is applied to all our PV Panel products to consistently generate the fullest energy output by keeping the surface cleaner than other solar panels. This original anti-soil coating will keep PV panels working at their highest output percentage longer over time, thus increasing your return on investment.


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