Why Pay for Something and Only Get 75% of it’s Capability?

At Soleeva, we believe you should get the most energy possible from your investment. Soleeva’s engineering and design team are consistently working to improve the solar energy experience in terms of lowering price, enhancing productivity and quality of products used. Our panels are manufactured through our advanced technology to deliver up to 5x to 6x more energy than a standard solar panel. This advanced solar energy technology results in longer and higher lifetime energy productivity.

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The standard SOLEEVA Solar Panels with Anti-Soil Coating organically clean the solar panel to improve the output of your solar system.
SOLEEVA Air Cool Solar Panels with Anti-Soil Coating for increased energy output and improved solar panel stability.
SOLEEVA Liquid Cool Solar Panels deliver electricity and thermal energy expanding energy production up to 6x.
SOLEEVA Air Cool Solar Panels output electricity and heated air for reuse in home heating and industrial applications.

At SOLEEVA, we research and test all major solar panels. We then partner with the best PV panel manufacturers in the world to add our enhancement technology for greater output efficiency and life expectancy. The PV panels we work with are the highest quality . Our five main suppliers are Panasonic, LG, Canadian, Jinko, and Q-cell. These different PV panels work seamlessly in our product line. Each one of our products will enhance your home or business energy needs by capturing electricity and thermal energy in the form of hot water and heated air. The SOLEEVA Technical Team is constantly researching and  developing the most advanced equipment and technology to continuously evolve solar panels  to capture the most energy from the sun.


Our USA manufactured solar modules with self-cooling and self-cleaning technology ensure maximum energy production, minimum maintenance and longer panel life expectancy. Soleeva Solar Panels have been tested in operation for years in the extreme temperatures of South Africa and Las Vegas. Data and performance show that unlike other panels, Soleeva S1, S1-AC, S2-LC and S2-AC panels consistently show outstanding maximum performance results even under these extreme climates.

Soleeva Cool Technology assures that our panels consistently deliver more power than our competitors. Soleeva Cool Technology assures less heat degradation for longer lifetime production up to 5 to 10 years longer than any other panel.

SOLEEVA Solar Products include:

  • Local and federal tax incentives
  • Highest energy output
  • Lowest cost per watt
  • Longest life expectancy
  • Greenhouse gas elimination
  • Home resale value increase