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5 Reasons to Choose Soleeva Solar

  • Unique Anti-Soil & Air-Cooled Technology: 25% more energy output over the life of the system
  • Peace of Mind: Only solar company offering a 30 year warranty
  • 30% Tax Credit, no upfront cost: Act now while tax credits and rebates are still available!
  • No Maintenance Cost: Self cleaning solar panels
  • End to End Solar System. We do our own analysis, design, engineering technology development, permitting, installation, monitoring and service

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Soleeva has received highest ratings for its panels and installation services

Soleeva installs its patented, innovative, efficient solar panels

Air Cooled Technology

Keeps the inside of your home cooler during day due to Air-Cooled modules. Also expect up to 5 more years of high productivity since this technology lowers the operating temperature of PV solar panels

Anti-Soiling Coating

Our proprietary Anti-Soiling coating utilizes the latest nano-technology materials together with sunlight and moisture to destroy dust and dirt, keeping your PV panels working at their highest output percentage over longer time to deliver the highest return on investment

Solar Thermal

Soleeva’s uses liquid cooled solar panels and ensures that heat energy in sunlight does not go to waste.

Solar Heat Management Technology

Soleeva’s patented, (USPTO-9,103,564 B2) and certified, (TUV/UL) Solar Heat Management Technology removes heat from the solar panel, resulting in solar electric performance increases dramatically

Unmatched solar technology and features in the Bay Area

Solevee has multiple patents for its unique technology is recognized and certified by TUV Rheinland, a highly respected international inspection agency, and the RETC - Renewable Energy Test Center California

Patent No:
9,029,683 B2
9,103,564 B2

Proprietary Air-Cooling Technology for Heat Resistant Solar Panels

Soleeva’s Air-Cooling Technology is evolving the way solar panels interact with the environment, by diffusing excess heat into the atmosphere and causing the solar panel to operate at a moderated temperature; this process eliminates the chance of overheating even in temperatures over 200℉, which considerably hinders the panel’s conversion process of turning sunlight into solar or electrical power. By maintaining the solar panel’s ambient temperature, Soleeva’s proprietary air-cooling technology significantly increases the efficiency at which the solar cells convert the sun’s radiance into electrical energy. Soleeva’s technology increases the panel life by five additional years and produces 15-25% more energy annually, making our air-cooling solar panels the most efficient panels on the market.

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Superior Anti-Soiling Technology for a Self-Cleaning Solar Panel

Soleeva’s Anti-Soiling Solar Technology is a non-toxic, dirt repellent layer applied to every one of our American made photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to increase the annual energy that is generated per kWp installed. This innovative, self-cleaning technology keeps our panels clean by destroying the accumulation of dust, debris, and waterborne atmospheric fallout. Left unclean, dirt can build a thick layer on the PV module, which will consequently limit the panel’s ability to receive direct sunlight, causing it to produce about 25% less solar power. Soleeva’s unique anti-soiling design allows our PV panels to produce maximum energy, with minimum maintenance, by preventing dirt build for up to 7 years at a time. Our affordable technology gives you a cost-effective way of maintaining your solar panels significantly reducing the maintenance costs and eliminating the frequent need to clean them. Our air-cooling technology guarantees increased solar panel exposure to sunlight, for optimal energy efficiency and output.

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Solar Thermal/Liquid Cool Technology

Soleeva’s Solar Thermal/Liquid Cool Technology collects and concentrates solar power needed to generate electricity; it creates and converts steam into mechanical energy in a turbine, which is then used to power a generator to produce electricity. Our liquid cool panels use solar power to efficiently heat up water which is essential for everyday use and maintaining most businesses; with our technology, Soleeva customers are better equipped to produce large quantities of warm water in a sustainable and affordable way. Additionally, our Solar Thermal modules are equipped with both our air-cooling and anti-soiling technology, making them the most effective and powerful solar panels in the world.

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Soleeva Services

Solar Consultation

Our solar consultation process is uniquely designed to give you the customer an opportunity to truly learn about technology and puts you in full control of the process. A solar customer representative will visit you at your home or a chosen location to educate you about our products and technology; this visit gives the customer a great opportunity to learn about solar energy and more importantly, how it can help improve their lives and community.

As an independently owned company, our customers are our first priority, not shareholders. We work hard to provide every client with extraordinary products, flexible solar financing options, and outstanding customer service while putting money back into their pockets. Soleeva gives you more to save you more.

Unlike other solar companies, we are not just installers; we design, build and install complete solar energy systems, making us equipped to; customize your system, tailor your financing to your budget, guide you through your solar enrollment, engineering, permitting, solar installation, and activation, to ensure a seamless transition to a cleaner, more affordable, and dependable solar system.

solar installation

Solar Installation

Soleeva installs solar for both residential and commercial properties.  Installation of your solar system follows the designing, financing and permitting process. Our professional solar installation team is efficient and very detailed; the team will know every wire, nut, bolt, and connection for your system because Soleeva strictly maintains full control throughout the entire installation process. Along with our installation team, the designer of your solar modules will supervise the project and make any necessary adjustments on site. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Soleeva Offers Trusted Options For Solar Financing

Flexible Financing for both Commercial and Residential Buildings

100% Solar Financing with $0 Down Payment.

No payment for up to 18 months! (PACE Program, Non-Credit Based Financing)

No minimum FICO required with Non-Credit Based Financing (PACE Program)

Apply and Qualify for financing within 5 minutes.

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Our Soleeva Guarantee

Soleeva is a customer-driven company to provide innovative products that generate significant savings for its customers

Benefits of going solar with Soleeva

  • Cut your electric bills to $0 and put money back into your pockets.
  • Complete freedom and peace of mind from the coming PG&E blackouts.
  • Guaranteed innovative, and affordable solar technology made accessible to everyone.
  • Soleeva’s Air-Cooling and Anti-Soiling Technology gives you longer lasting solar panels and the highest productivity on the market.
  • Become eligible for a 30% Tax Credit, at little to no upfront cost, while the credit are still available at this rate.
  • Our solar panels significantly increase the resale value of your home in California.
  • Receive a commercial/residential solar solution that is specially designed to meet and exceed your energy requirements.
  • Our panels clean the air around them, making it safer for you and your family.

What customers say

“I have my solar from Soleeva for 3 years and up to now it looks new because of the Soleeva Skye, the only self cleaning panel in the market. Because of self cleaning and self cooling tech they put in my panels, production are great!Thanks Soleeva. More power to the future and the company!”

Garry Gerardo

“Soleeva has helped to lower my energy bills making PGE a little more affordable. The added technology they have is unlike any other and the 30 yr warranty gives me more peace of mind! My good friend Michele Miranda with Soleeva has helped me with the entire process. Check her out, she will definitely help you too!”

Judy Lusk

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