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June 22 2018 0Comment

The Federal Solar Tax Credits Won’t Last Forever

Hurry Up! The Federal Solar Tax Credits Won’t Last Forever By Ralph Ahlgren, Chief Technical Officer and President of Soleeva Energy April 10, 2018 Good news, but with a sense of urgency; the maximum federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) deductible from homeowner’s federal tax returns will be decreasing year over year beginning 2020 and [...]
June 06 2018 0Comment

How a Home PV System Works

A typical "grid-connected" solar PV system allows the home to use solar electricity as well as electricity supplied by the local electric utility. Solar panels can be mounted on a south-facing roof or on the ground. Sometimes trees must be trimmed or cut down so that panels can receive maximum sunlight. The direct current (DC) [...]

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